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Towers Magazine: Fall 2015 - Hidden Lives
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Towers Magazine

Fall 2015: Hidden Lives

Hidden Lives - Hidden Challenges

They're leaders, award-winners and scholars.  But behind the success, sometimes hidden hardships need to be hurdled.  Three stories of hidden lives remind us why every student matters.

Reaching Out to the Unseen

In Hidden America, author Jeanne Marie Laskas takes her readers inside the lives of people who are often overlooked.  Several alumni are reaching out to the "unseen" people around them.

Faculty-Student Connections

Many alumni choose to honor a professor who helped shape their life.  This issue features Professor John Laubach's impact on Stephanie Souryasack '93.

I STAND With Otterbein: A Global Perspective

Elizabeth Salt, recently retired cataloger and metadata librarian at Otterbein, said her travels broadened her view.  Now she hopes to give students a new world view, too.

New VP, Largest Gifts Impact Campaign

Michael McGreevey is the new vice president for institutional advancement, and Otterbein has received its largest single gift from an individual in this campaign and largest gift from a Greek organization.

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