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Dean Van's Leadership Creed

Dean Van's Leadership Creed

Dean Van

Leadership Creed by Joanne Van Sant

To share with others the enthusiasm I have for the group and make it a top priority so that others will be challenged to do the same.

To help each member realize his/her worth to the organization by involving each in some capacity.

To set an example for others to follow; to place respect above popularity and honor above all else.

To be able to deal with the unpleasant as well as the pleasant and to be unafraid to admit my mistakes as I work to correct them.

To learn when flexibility is an asset or a liability; to reject what’s popular unless it works for good; and to be willing to stand alone when necessary in order to not sacrifice my integrity.

To positively support policies which strengthen the group; to rise above intimidation and be willing to accept the fact that leadership can at times be lonely.

To constantly search for new ideas which may or may not be better than the old ones, and to take advantage of every opportunity to develop skills needed in my leadership position.

May I dare to be different, dare to be courageous, dare to be creative, dare to challenge others as I am challenged, and dare to make time for this important task.

Hopefully, I will fulfill my leadership role in such a way that when my term of service is over, I can feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing I have done my best.