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Campus Life

Pre-Admission Immunizations

What are the pre-entrance requirements for students?

The completed health record must include: medical history, a physical by a health care provider, the following immunizations: Tet/Diph, MMR (2 after one year of age) and polio vaccine (four dates required) and a TB skin test (Mantoux) within 12 months of arriving on campus, a hepatitis B vaccine series (recommended) and a meningitis vaccine (recommended, available at Health Center after September 15). Information will be sent to parents before classes start.

Download the Student Health Record form (PDF).

If I can't get the needed immunizations, can I get them at the Health Center?

Yes, for a fee, but it is required to get them before school starts.


If I am an athlete, do I still need a pre-entrance physical even though I'll get a sports physical?

Yes, Otterbein records must be complete before sports participation can occur.


If I have other questions, who can I call?

Call or email Lee Ann Bowers in the Health Center at (614) 823-1345 or fax (614) 823-1786.


/ Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is located just east of the Campus Center,
78 W. Home Street.

Office Hours
M - F: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Walk-ins welcome.


Lee Ann Bowers, RN, MSN, CNP
p / 614.823.1345
f / 614.823.1786
e / lee.bowers@otterbein.edu


Debbie West, MA
p / 614.823.1345 
f / 614.823.1786 
e / dwest1@otterbein.edu