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DESIRE (Diversity Education Scholars Involved In Reaching & Educating)

DES Logo Black LettersThe Diversity Education Series (DES) is a set of educational programs specifically designed for students to explore various aspects of diversity. The goal of each program is to create a platform for participants to unpack topics and engage in meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion. Discussions will assist students in developing a knowledge of self and others as well as putting concepts and ideas into application.

Under the Lights: Diversity in Sports Series

9/2/15: Leadership & Sports (Diversity of Ideas) – 7pm-8:30pm in Towers 114

There are several leaders that are a vital part of making a team. But what really makes a leader special are the diverse ideas they bring to the table. Through this interactive workshop, participants will delve into the cause and effects of different ideas that help make leaders great.

10/7/15: Team Colors (Race and Diversity) – 7pm-8:30pm in Roush 204 (Films: Fab 5 and The U)

One of the most enriching parts of sports is cultural diversity. Individuals from different cultures have helped bring diverse playing styles, fashion trends, methods of communication and cultural competency to the game they love. We will explore some key examples of these contributions and how they changed the climate of their respective sports. 

10/21/15: Differences in Community – 7pm-8:30pm in Towers 114 (Film: Youngstown Boys)

An individual's environment has an impact on how they view the world and the decisions that correlate with that particular view. Two people can be from the same city at the same time and still see life completely different. Using the film Youngstown Boys, we will explore the class and power dynamics in college sports through the parallel, interconnected journeys of one-time dynamic running back Maurice Clarett and former elite head coach Jim Tressel. Clarett and Tressel emerged from opposite sides of the tracks in Youngstown, Ohio, and then joined for a magical season at Ohio State University in 2002 that produced the first national football championship for the school in over 30 years.

11/4/15: Diversity in Identity – 7pm-8:30pm in Towers 114 (Film: Renee)

One of the aspects of diversity is identity. Who are you? How do you identify? As an example, we will look at excerpts from the film ReneeRenee tells the story of Renee Richards' battle to enter the 1977 U.S. Open as the first transgender tennis player. Simultaneously, it follows her today as she struggles to cope with a life of contradictions and personal conflict. Through interviews with tennis legends, family, friends and experts from the transgender field, a story of perseverance, breakthrough and hardship unfolds.

 11/18/15: Women in Sports (Gender Differences) – 7pm-8:30pm in Roush 204 (Films: Venus VS and Branded)

The journey for women's role in sports has been challenging. From pay differences to popularity, women have constantly had to strive for equality and equity. Throughout the last few decades we have seen an increase of women's representation in sports as players and administration. These films will share the successes and challenges of the journey of women in a mostly male dominated field.

11/21/15: Trip to Football Hall of Fame – 8am-4pm

Students who attend at least 2 of the listed events will be allowed to go on the trip for free! 
Note: Films will be shown in excerpts and not in its entirety

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The Office of Diversity is located in Student Affairs in Hanby Hall.

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M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (summer)

Dr. Lisa Patterson Phillips
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Assistant Director
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