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Software and Hardware

Software and Hardware Resources

We offer information about discounts that we are aware of only as a resource to you. This does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation from Otterbein for the following commercial products or services. Our goal is to show available discounts for students, faculty, and staff versus otherwise paying full retail price. Check with Otterbein's bookstore for competitive software prices to the on-line vendors below. Also be aware of free Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365 from Otterbein. See Adobe Creative Cloud and Office365

Microsoft eLearning Courses for Faculty and Staff

Otterbein University is a subscriber to the Imagine Academy, making an extensive collection of online learning materials available to Otterbein faculty and staff. The courses range from basic user courses in Office to certification courses for computer professionals. These eLearning courses are designed to provide the best and most complete learning solutions possible, matched to the learning style and objective of each student.

You’ll be able to:

  • Work at your own pace on your own schedule
  • Take as many courses as you want, as many times as you want
  • Prepare for Microsoft certification exams

To sign up, please contact Terri Tracy at TTracy@otterbein.edu.

Free Virus and Malware Removers

If you have a Windows system, make sure you have the native virus protection program turned on and no trial version installed from the vendor. (Bloatware or unnecessary software)  ONLY ONE should be installed. You may buy your own or use the one that came with the Windows operating system. Just check to make sure you are not on a trial version from the vendor. Mac OS X may use free Sophos or a start with a free trial of ClamXav.

Along with one virus protection program, we recommend installing a malware remover. A good, free malware remover for Windows and Mac OS X is Malwarebytes. Install, run updates and manually scan regularly to keep your computer running optimally.

Minimum Computing Standards

Otterbein does not require you to bring a computer to campus. If you do decide to bring a computer we would suggest something equal or greater than the following minimum standards. These minimums are based on older, used systems. New brands off the shelf will exceed these minimums.

Windows Based Minimum Computer Standards*

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  • 250 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive or 120 GB Solid State Drive
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Network interface (Ethernet and/or wireless compatible with WPA2 Enterprise)
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 from Otterbein
  • 1 TB OneDrive recommended for backup solution (Free with Office 365)

Mac OS Based Minimum Computer Standards*

  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Adequate hard drive or external option
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Network interface (Ethernet or wireless compatible with WPA2 Enterprise)
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 from Otterbein (Requires OS X 10.10)  Otherwise, Office 2011 or comparative iWorks saved in Office format
  • 1 TB OneDrive recommended for backup solution (Free with Office 365)

Mobile Devices (Mobile Phones and Tablets)

  • 802.1X WPA2 Enterprise compatible
  • Current operating system update

*Remember to bring all documentation, restore disks and any installed software disks with you. The ITS Help Desk will not install any pirated or illegal software.

*There will be minimal support for operating systems that are not Windows or Mac OS based 

/Contact Information

ITS Help Desk
p/ 614.823.3100 
e/ helpdesk@otterbein.edu

Lab Support
p/ 614.823.1359
e/ cperrotta@otterbein.edu

Training Support
Cardinal Skills Builder
p/ 614.823.3100
e/ CardinalSkillsBuilder@otterbein.edu
Hoonuit On-line Training

Information Technology will never ask for your password. Manage your network password here..

Any emails of a suspicious nature should be forwarded to abuse@otterbein.edu or submitted as a helpdesk request. What is Phishing?

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