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Outlook on the Web

As part of our transition from Google to Office 365 apps, your Otterbein Gmail inbox, labels, contacts, and calendar were migrated to our new email service on May 5, 2017. The new service, Outlook on the web (or more commonly known as Microsoft Mail), will allow for full integration of a myriad of Microsoft apps in your Office 365 account. Otterbein email is now accessed through Office 365. You will retain access to your Otterbein Google Apps and Google Drive account. Google Apps and Drive account is accessible at http://accounts.google.com.

This move will allow for better mobile functionality, improved ease of collaboration, and Microsoft enterprise-level educational support and security. The logon URL to Outlook on the Web is office.otterbein.edu  The Office 365 link is also listed in Resources which is found in the upper right corner of Otterbein's home page. Log on with username@otterbein.edu and Ozone password. After logging in, click on the Mail app to check email. You can also use your network logon credentials and access email the following ways:

Post May 5, 2017 Instructions

After the cutover, click applicable links below to update your access settings. Remember that any Internet browser and logon to the office.otterbein.edu site provides access. The following links allow alternate access via email clients and mobile app options.
  • Outlook on the desktop: To update the settings, click Outlook Client for Windows Computer.
  • Macintosh users: To configure the Mac OS X mail on your Mac, click Exchange email on a Mac. You are creating an Office 365 email account. Remove your Gmail account first, then proceed with the instruction guide.
  • Mobile devices and smart phones: To install the Outlook mobile app, click here. For even more help, see these screen shot guides for iOS and Android.
  • Google Apps and Google Drive access: To continue to use your Google Apps and Drive account, use the Google links provided on the Resources link off Otterbein's home page and in the Index in Ozone. Address is google.otterbein.edu
  • Exchange and iPhone: To use the native email app on the phone, follow these Exchange Setup instructions.


Hands-on training workshops are being held in the Cardinal Skills Builder Center. For dates and times, see this Email Registration Form to register for a class.

Alternatively, select Outlook on the Web Training to obtain the training content from the class. Learn about features and use of Inbox, Calendar and People aka Contacts. Learn on your own how to insert your email signature, mark messages important or request a read receipt. Learn how to schedule a calendar meeting and include a Skype meeting. Learn how to use the People app as a directory at your fingertips and so much more!

Additional self-managed tutorials can be found here on the Cardinal Skills Builder Courses web page.

Email frequently asked questions

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  • How do I use the basic features of Outlook on the web? What do I need to know?

  • Where is my archived Gmail?

  • How do I change my photo?

  • Why can I not see events on calendars I viewed before?

  • How do I search for an email in the web version?

  • Where is my conversation history for Skype in Outlook on the web?

  • How do I recreate a non-working contact list in Outlook on the web?

  • How do I turn on/off notifications in Outlook on the web?

  • How do I view calendar and email side by side in Outlook on the web?

  • If I am using Outlook desktop client, how do I use Skype for chat?

  • What if I need to print an email?

  • How do I combine two or more contact lists into a new one?

  • What is the maximum upload size for OneDrive

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