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Bread and Roses Award Winners for 2012

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Dr. Tammy Birk, Assistant Professor and Director of the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Tammy is leading the charge to place Otterbein on the cutting edge of women’s studies; in a place where we recognize the relationships across oppressed groups and study themes and trends in society that reinforce or challenge the contexts that shape those groups. Otterbein students, faculty, and staff also know Tammy as the Director of the newly approved and implemented Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. Tammy worked long and hard to create the new program; this program is her "brain child," and Otterbein will forever be a better, changed place because of this new program, the student it attracts, and the extracurricular and job placement opportunities offered by such a unique, interdisciplinary undergraduate experience. The dedication Tammy shows to her students is unparalleled. She knows them not on as students who shuffle in and out of her classroom day in and day out, but she really knows her students. She knows them as feeling, breathing, cognizant people. Tammy works diligently in many facets and parts of this campus community, and her dedication to scholarship, women’s issues, and the students, faculty, and staff with whom she associates are unparalleled.

Dr. Susan Fagan, Former Associate VP for Academic Affairs
Susan has served Otterbein in many capacities most recently as Associate VP for Academic Affairs. Prior to her position in the Academic Affairs office, she taught in the Department of Business, Accounting & Economics and was the director of the MBA program. Susan is and has always been an advocate for fair and honorable dealings with faculty, staff and students. She is a tireless advocate for those struggling with school, family and/or personal concerns. She has been involved in women’s leadership advancement on campus and continues to remind Otterbein that advocating for the promotion of women in the workplace needs to start here at home. Susan is truly multi-talented, has shared her many talents and gifts with the Otterbein community for many years. Susan resigned her position at Otterbein University, effective June 30, 2012. Her energy, commitment and determination for doing "the right thing" is treasured and will be missed.

Sheema Masood (class of 2011 and current MBA student)
Sheema has maintained a 4.0 GPA while working as a Graduate Assistant in the MBA office as well as being involved in the Sustainability Committee, Academic Council, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Teaching Technology and Learning Committee to name a few. Off campus she is involved with the Muslim Student Association and works as a Sunday school teacher at her local mosque. She enjoys this because it is a way that she can empower young Muslim women to dream big and work hard to reach their goals. Recently she started a nonprofit organization which aimed at helping those who were victims (particularly women) of the revolution in Egypt to get back on their feet. The logo her organization created was adopted as the official logo of the revolution and the shirts they made became so popular that they were seen on the front lines of the protests. She is passionate about giving back to her community and helping people in need. As an undergraduate she was a tireless volunteer for Red Cross, and UNICEF, and representative on many committees including part of the Five Cardinal Cards Signature Program, Mortar Board National Honor Society, Student Representative for the Faculty Development Committee, Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board.

Interested in learning more about the Women's Forum?

Contact Dr. Shirine Mafi.