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Residence Halls

How do I connect to the network in my residence hall room?

Residents are offered wired and wireless connectivity. For wireless, connect to OtterbeinU or eduroam with your network username and unique password. (Ozone logon). If you experience difficulty connecting to WiFi, contact the the ITS Help Desk in room 005 of Roush Hall. Bring your Internet device so they can correct your network settings. For wired service, your room wall port is live and all you need to do is plug into the wired network with your own Ethernet patch cord to get online. If you share a single wall port with a roommate, a splitter is provided. If the splitter is missing, see the ITS Help Desk for a free replacement. If you have multiple wired devices and need more than two wired ports, see the ITS Help Desk to borrow a switch for the year. Do not use your own network gear.

Important! Wireless video game systems and wireless printers are not supported and you need to use the wired service. Bring the local printer cable to connect to your personal computer. Do not flood the wireless network by attempting to turn on the WiFi on your personal printer. Digital media streamers and receivers must be able to connect with Ethernet over wired service. Chromecast and streamer USB sticks are not supported.

Can I connect to the network with a Macintosh computer?

Yes! Macintosh computers can connect to the network and receive the same access to all technology resources as Windows machines.

Can I connect with my tablet or e-reader?

Not all e-readers and tablets are compatible with our WiFi. Some are designed for home Wi-Fi only. Your mobile Internet device needs to have Wi-Fi security settings for WPA2 Enterprise. If the device is not supported on the Wi-Fi network, you need to have cellular service to use it on campus. Check with the ITS Help Desk with any questions or before you buy!

Do I have to prepare my computer in any way to access the network?

All personal computers should have software updates installed, and installed virus and malware protection. Macintosh systems are not as prone to malware and virus infections, but user behavior can result in infection just the same. Virus protection is recommended for that reason.

  • Mac systems should have software updated. Windows users should update their operating systems automatically. If not set to automatically update, then find Windows Updates in your control panel to update. Click here for updates.
  • Install a spyware/malware removal program. We recommend installing Malwarebytes for Windows or Mac systems. This is a free product and will clean your machine from malware. Install the free program, run the updates each time before scanning and scan weekly or sooner if you notice unusual behavior. Some indications that you may have malware are popups warning of infection that are not from your own virus protection program, a hijacked browser with redirects to a webpage that is not your home page, or computer sluggish behavior.   
  • Install a virus protection program. Mac users can try the free version of Sophos. Windows systems come with Defender virus protection installed with the operating system. However, a vendor may turn it off and install a trial version of another virus protection program that you will need to pay for when the trial expires. It is recommended you uninstall any trial version of a virus protection program and then turn your system's Defender back on. If you are not sure if it is turned on and working, stop by the help desk for a PC health checkup. 

MAKE SURE you uninstall any virus protection program you may already have on your machine before installing a new one or you risk corrupting your operating system and will need our help fixing it or reinstalling your operating system. (You should never put more than one virus protection program on a computer since they generally do not play well together. This is not true for malware/spyware protection and removal programs which install with others and the more protection, the better.) Do this step first by going to your control panel, programs menu and uninstall any resident virus protection program.

If you need help from us to do any of the above, please utilize the free walk-in service at the ITS Help Desk located in room 005 of Roush Hall. Hours are 8:00 am to 9:00 pm M-R, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday, Saturday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, and Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


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