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Campus Life

Mobile Devices

Setting up a wireless connection to OtterbeinU

OtterbeinU wireless access requires an Otterbein user account. Use your account username and Ozone/network password. Connection may require some network settings changes. Click here to see how to manually set up a network connection with your operating system.

Setting up Gmail on your device

Your username is your full Otterbein email address (username@otterbein.edu) and your password is your Gmail password. For details for your specific phone, click here to view Google support pages. 

To generally set up your Otterbein Gmail account on your tablet and/or smart phone, use the following settings : You may use an “Exchange” (preferred), IMAP or POP account. Your mail client will say what type of account is possible to set up. Any of those will work, but the settings will vary slightly. 

General configurations and settings

  • Settings for Exchange

  • Settings for IMAP

  • Settings for POP

/Contact Information

ITS Help Desk
p/ 614.823.3100 
e/ helpdesk@otterbein.edu

Lab Support
p/ 614.823.1359
e/ cperrotta@otterbein.edu

Training Support
p/ 614.823.3100
e/ CardinalSkillsBuilder@otterbein.edu

Submit a Help Request
The Otterbein Webhelpdesk system will allow you to submit requests, update requests, and search our FAQ database. Login now.


Information Technology will never ask for your password. Manage your network password here..

Any emails of a suspicious nature should be forwarded to abuse@otterbein.edu or submitted as a helpdesk request. What is Phishing?

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