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ASC 115 - Argumentative Writing - Regina Kengla

For the first six weeks of the quarter, students in ASC 191, now ASC 115: Argumentative Writing, read and write in response to literature on the difficulties adolescents experience in expressing themselves appropriately and constructively. Students meet weekly in workshops facilitated by a Writing Center tutor, developing their writing and editing skills and their interpersonal skills. Beginning the seventh week, ASC 191 students partner with fifth-graders in peer review sessions. In consultation with the classroom teacher, we determine activities that will be helpful to the fifth-grade students in their current writing projects. In the first session, 115 students work with the younger students, guiding them in brainstorming for their writing. During the second session, the 115 students review early drafts of the writings-in-progress and help the younger students with organization and development. In the third session, 115 students guide revision and celebrate the writing done by the fifth graders.

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