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Greek Life Standards

The Greek Standards were developed to create a common identity based in the mission and values of fraternal organizations at Otterbein University. The Standards of Excellence Program was created by the Greek community to establish a self-governing guide and an assessment instrument for each chapter. The Greek Standards will be reviewed each year for awards and chapter improvement assessments.

There are four main objectives that we hope to accomplish through the Standards of Excellence Program:

  1. To provide an opportunity for each chapter to self-evaluate its operations.
  2. To provide a common level of excellence for all fraternities and sororities at Otterbein University.
  3. To instill the importance of scholarship, community engagement, leadership, and strong chapter management through values based decision making and member education.
  4. To improve the quality of life for members of the Greek community.

All chapters submit a self-evaluation annually based on the following critieria:

  • Community Service and Philanthropy
  • Scholarship
  • Greek Community Leadership
  • Chapter Management and Leadership Development
  • Otterbein Involvement & Social Programming
  • Diversity & Intercultural Development
  • Recruitment
  • New Member Education
It is the responsibility of each chapter to ensure that each of the area’s components has been completed, and that the necessary forms, reports, and verification are submitted by the deadline.

The Center for Student Involvement will provide a standards application to each chapter, and it will provide instructions for collecting the required documentation. It is strongly recommended that each chapter assign one of its officers (e.g., the awards chair) the responsibility of maintaining the required documentation throughout the year. A training session for the chapter officers responsible for documentation will be held each year.

Each area will be evaluated separately for the possibility of receiving commendations in the individual areas of evaluation. These awards will be presented during Greek Week.

/ Center for Student Involvement

The Greek Life office is located in the Center for Student Involvement inside the Campus Center.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Ben Schwarz, assoc. director
e / bschwarz@otterbein.edu
p / 614.823.3206

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