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Future Students

Module 2

Module 2

< Non-Profit Leadership Certificate

Module 2 covers best practices in human resources and financial management as well as fully utilizing the variety of partnerships in the community

Session 4: Human Resources Management 

Friday: :

  • Staffing your nonprofit: recruiting, hiring and supervising
  • Succession planning


  • Human resources: best practices
  • Risk management
  • Building a successful internship program
  • Americorp and Vista
Session 5: Financial Resources Management 


  • Principles of philanthropic success
  • Fund raising


  • Grant writing
  • Program assessment and grant evaluation
Session 6: Creating Partnerships


  • Central Ohio demographics and changing needs
  • Dealing with diversity

Saturday: :

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Customers: Where are the needs and who is being served?
  • Material providers and "competitors"
  • Governmental agencies
  • Staff, board and funders

Lisa Lee

"With ever-growing needs for services provided by nonprofits and evertightening resources, effective leadership in our sector is needed now, more than ever before."

Daring to Lead: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership
(Source: CompassPoint)