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Future Students


Below are links to Adobe Acrobat pdf forms that you may need to apply for financial aid at Otterbein University. Be sure that you choose the correct form for the correct aid year. If you submit the wrong year form, the processing of your aid will not continue until the correct information is received.

Institutional Aid Form
 2013-2014 Academic Year                   2014-2015 Academic Year

Applying for Education Loans
Link to this form

Ohio Voter Registration Form
See the the Ohio Secretary of State's Voter Services site.

Private Education Loan Self-Certification Form
As of February 14, 2010, new federal regulations require students to complete a Private Education Loan Self-Certification Form in addition to a loan application.

Direct Loans How-to Guide for Entrance and MPN
Link to this form

TEACH Grant Loan Program
Information Sheet

Verification Worksheets (these forms are for both independent and dependent students)
   2013-2014                                            2014-2015
 V1 Worksheet                                       V1 Worksheet
V2 Worksheet                                       V3 Worksheet
V3 Worksheet                                       V4 Worksheet
 V4 Worksheet                                       V5 Worksheet
 V5 Worksheet                                       V6 Worksheet

Income Verification Worksheet
2013-2014 Academic Year                    2014-2015 Academic Year            

Financial Aid Multiple Release Form (Scholarship Release AuthorizationAuthorization to Release Financial Information)
 Link to this form

Title IV Authorization Release Form
Link to this form

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form
Link to this form

/ Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid is located in Barlow Hall, 88 Cochran Alley

p/ 614.823.1502
e/ financialaid@otterbein.edu