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Course Reserves

Courtright Memorial Library

Our Course reserve collection includes books, articles, videos, and music that have been given shorter loan periods as designated by professors for use in specific courses. These loan periods are:

2 Hour (Library Use Only) - these materials circulate for 2 hours and may not pass the security gate at the entrance to the main part of the library. This loan period is only available for Faculty Owned reserves (if requested) and any other items that the library deems appropriate.

2 Hour - these materials circulate for 2 hours but have no location based usage restrictions. 

1 Day - the materials are due at the time the library closes on the day specified. 

3 Days - the materials are due at the time the library closes on the day specified. 

7 Days - the materials are due at the time the library closes on the day specified.

Viewing and Accessing Course Reserves:

  • Click on "Course Reserves" from the OPAL CATALOG
  • Choose to search by Professor (last name first) or by Course (ie. INST 2001)
  • If more than one course is listed for a professor, click on the appropriate course.

Professors: How to use Course Reserves

Professors may place current library materials or personal copies of material on reserve. Please note that requests submitted Sunday-Thursday take up to 48 hours to pull and process, those requests submitted Friday-Saturday can take up to 72 hours. Please plan accordingly.
To submit your request online, please click here.

The course reserve collection is for classes that are currently being taught and is designed to give students better access to texts and videos that can assist them in those classes. The Courtright Memorial Library reserves the right to remove items from the course reserve collection if the item has not been utilized for more than 2 years while on reserve. Items removed from reserve will be placed back in our public collection as Local Circulation and thus will only be accessible to the Otterbein community.

The Courtright Memorial Library, in an effort to increase textbook affordability and access, will be conducting a trial run during the 2017-2018 academic year of allowing 2 hour course reserve items to leave the library.  However, we are bound by licensing and as such some items are required to remain “Library Use Only”.  We will also be respecting faculty preference of those who provide their personal copies to restrict them to library use only if they so desire. These exceptions will be marked in the catalog and on the item as “Library Use Only”. 

The Courtright Memorial Library would prefer to place library owned copies on course reserve, please contact our Technical Services Coordinator, Elizabeth Zeitz (614.823.1938), if you would like the library to purchase material for use in your course. In addition, any item that has been discarded from our collection may not be placed on course reserve unless no alternative is available, again, please work with Elizabeth Zeitz in that regard.

All materials placed on reserve must comply with the educational fair use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law.

Questions? Contact a Circulation Supervisor by calling (614) 823-1215 or emailing circ@otterbein.edu

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