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Thesis Dissertation Service

As part of Otterbein University's support for open-access systems like the Digital Commons @ Otterbein and the OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertations (ETD) Center, the Courtright Memorial Library works with various programs on campus to provide support for making student scholarly work available online. Each program, including Honors, Distinction, Graduate Schools, and others, has a set of guidelines that explain which system, or both, is required for each program's student as well as other important information. Please refer to your program's guidelines. If you have completed your defense and have had your project approved by your program, please follow the links below to submit your project online.

Thesis Dissertation Service

  • What are Digital Commons @ Otterbein and the OhioLINK ETD Center?

    The Digital Commons @ Otterbein and OhioLINK ETD are free, online, databases containing electronic versions of master’s theses, dissertations, and undergraduate honors theses (full text and abstracts).  The content is uploaded to the ETD as a PDF that reproduces the format of the printed document.  If a thesis contains non-print elements, they can be incorporated into the PDF or stored along with it. The Digital Commons @ Otterbien and OhioLINK ETD program both provide open access to a student's thesis or dissertation, and this thesis or dissertation will be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other Internet search engines.
  • Formatting Guidelines

    I. Program-Specific Formatting Guidelines

    Each student also needs to understand his or her school’s rules and requirements for this paper. See the links below for assistance.

    The student is responsible for ensuring that his/her project is approved by the supervising faculty member(s) or by the department/program, as appropriate. The title page must include the appropriate signatures and must be submitted to the library along with the completed Upload Authorization Form, bearing the signatures of both the student and their advisor. All forms must be submitted and all projects must be uploaded no later than April 15, 2015. 

    II. Creating PDF Copy

    III. Personal Bound Copies

    The library no longer adds print copies of Honors, Distinction, or Graduate program projects to our collection as we support whole-heartedly the open accessibility and power of resources like the Digital Commons @ Otterbein and the OhioLINK ETD Center. However, we recognize that our students may wish to have a professionally bound copy of their project for their own personal collection. If you would like to purchase a personal bound copy of your project, follow the steps on the Material Binding Request Guidelines document, and complete the associated Binding Request Form. Please note that the cost is $25 per copy and cash or check (made out to Otterbein University) must be provided along with the project in question no later than two (2) weeks prior to graduation.

  • Embargoes

    For all programs, students and their faculty advisors will have the option of selecting an embargo period to accompany the full publication of the project in question. Under an embargo situation, all abstracts remain fully searchable, but download and access to the main document is restricted automatically until the time of the embargo has passed. The specific time periods an embargo may be selected for may change depending upon your program. In each case, however, we require the signature of the faculty advisor in order to implement an embargo period. Once the Upload Authorisation Form has been completed, including the appropriate embargo period, if any, you may select that option when you upload your paper. If you have any questions about embargoes, please speak to a librarian.

  • Honors and Distinction Programs

    If you are completing the Honors or Distinction programs, please follow the steps outlined in the program procedures below, as appropriate. You must turn in your signed title page and the complete Upload Authorization Form, also found below, to the Library, and you must upload your project no later than April 15, 2015. Honors and Distinction students are required only to submit their project to the Digital Commons @ Otterbein.

  • Graduate Programs

    If you are completing work in a graduate program, please follow the steps outlined in the program procedures below, as appropriate. You must turn in your signed title page and the complete Upload Authorization Form, also found below, to the Library, and you must upload your project no later than April 15, 2015. Graduate students are required to submit their projects to both the Digital Commons @ Otterbein AND the OhioLINK Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Center.

  • Capstone Programs

    The Digital Commons @ Otterbein is a repository of all Otterbein scholarly and creative works, and so supports projects from programs other than just the Honors, Distinction, and Graduate schools. If your program has a structure in place support the dissemination of works via the Digital Commons @ Otterbein, please review the following program procedures documents and associated upload authorization forms.

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