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The Graduate School

K-12 Intervention Specialist

Photo of a student helping a child

Intervention Specialists see the possibilities in every child and enjoy taking on the challenge of helping their students overcome obstacles. Otterbein University will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to meet the academic needs of all students. You will learn best practices for student learning so that all children get the high quality education that they deserve.

The K-12 Intervention Specialist licensure can be earned in one or both of two areas; mild/moderate or moderate/intensive.

If you are a licensed teacher, you can add the license:

If you are not yet a licensed teacher, but have a bachelor’s degree, you can earn the license and a Master of Art in Teaching degree through our MAT program.

Loan forgiveness is available to Intervention Specialist and other teachers in high need areas. Read more about it here at the Federal Student Aid site.

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Gaby Miller
Graduate Education Recruiter/Counselor MAT

Amy Featherstone
Graduate Education and Recruiter/Counselor MAE

Deb Williams
Admission and Data Management Coordinator