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The Graduate School

From the Dean

Positioning the Graduate School for Continued Success  

March 27, 2015

Current themes that transcend today’s news about higher education frequently identify that a change in the status quo is needed, the old academic model is not sustainable, and higher education needs to hear what business and industry are saying about the future working world.  Regardless which change resonates the loudest, the common theme remains that CHANGE is needed, and it is needed now!

The Graduate School recognizes the need to have our eye to the future, to hear the requests of our audiences, both students, alumni, and the professions, and to meet today’s needs of the community in a way that respects Otterbein University’s tradition, mission and vision of the Graduate School which, creates engaged and transformed leaders who shape tomorrow.

New initiatives have started that complement our current programs.  Here are a few:

  • An “18 in 15” program meets the needs of high school and community college math teachers.  The “18 in 15” program includes a set of graduate math courses that provides 18 credits in the content area of math that can be completed in only 15 months.  Teachers attend classes in summers, and then in the evenings during the school year.  

  • In response to industry requests, two non-credit courses were facilitated by The Graduate School providing enhanced analytic and programming skills to employees.

    • Predictive modeling is an eight-month course, one night/week that uses Otterbein faculty and industry experts to expand employees’ knowledge and skills.

    • An eight-week course, “Ruby Cucumber”, taught participants to leverage Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Automation Testing Tools to prepare them for various roles on an Agile team.

  • Recognizing our alumni, we will begin an alumni scholarship in Fall 2015. Details are in this newsletter and on our web site.

As you think to the future, please let us know your thoughts about graduate education. Join us, The Graduate School and Otterbein University in preparing graduates for the work of tomorrow.  

Barbara Schaffner, Dean

/ The Graduate School

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