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Equity and Inclusion Expectations

Student Demands Drive Community Standards

On April 4, 2016, Otterbein students, with the support of faculty and staff members, rallied to promote increased diversity and inclusion. After peaceful demonstrations, students met with university administrators to put forth a list of expectations that addressed campus programming, hiring practices, course content and community events. Find out more about the students' expectations and how Otterbein is working to address them.  

List of Student & Community Expectations from 4/4/16 student rally and the Otterbein University Response (as of Feb. 2017)

  • Implementing diversity training for faculty and administrators starting academic year 2016-2017

  • Hiring a Chief Diversity Officer by the end of the academic year 2016-2017

  • Increasing the cultural diversity of our faculty needs to start now with our next wave of new hires; Short and long term plans need to be put in place to sustain this commitment to diversity objectives

  • More participation from faculty and administration in diversity and inclusion efforts

  • Better university support for diversity events through campus-wide communication channels (i.e. Academic Affairs sends out a notice on Feminist Pride Day)

  • FYS general education diversity requirement

  • INST diversity event requirement for students; Propose that students have to attend two diversity events throughout the semester

  • Strengthen residence hall diversity programming to increase intercultural dialogue and competency

  • Resident Assistants should document and report all acts of hate to Otterbein Police Department; This will help gauge how the university is doing and help provide evidence for offenders, especially repeat offenders

  • Each chapter in Greek Life needs to start implementing their diversity standard to help build their cultural understanding and genuine relationships; Part of that standard should be attending a given number of diversity events throughout the year

  • Highlighting incidents of racism during Otterbein Uncensored in student testimonials and role playing; This should help build a standard of what it means to be a member of the Otterbein community and incidents of hate will not be tolerated on campus

  • More ethnic diversity amongst the selected Common Book authors (Within a four-year span, it would be ideal to have at least one author of color selected)

Equity & Inclusion

  • Robert Gatti

    Vice President for Student Affairs
    Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair
    p/ 614.823.1250
    e/ rgatti@otterbein.ed
  • James Prysock

    Director, Office of Social Justice & Activism
    Action and Implementation
    p/ 614.823.1312
    e/ jprysock@otterbein.edu
  • Kathryn Plank

    Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
    Campus Climate
    p/ 614.823.1034
    e/ kplank@otterbein.edu
  • Scott Fitzgerald

    Director, Human Resources
    Communication and Conversation
    p/ 614.823.1805
    e/ sfitzgerald@otterbein.edu
  • Will Elkins

    Comm. and Social Media,
    Marketing Communications
    p/ 614.823.1454
    e/ welkins@otterbein.edu