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Refund Policies and Schedule

Policies Regarding Withdrawal

  • To be entitled to a refund, you must OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW from your class or classes by contacting the Office of the Registrar. See this page for the steps you will need to take.
  • The actual withdrawal is the date this is accomplished. Non-attendance and/or non-payment of fees does NOT constitute official withdrawal. Application fees, laboratory fees, applied music fees and other similar charges are not refundable.
  • All financial aid recipients who receive a refund as a result of withdrawal may be subject to a Title IV refund calculation. The allocation of funds must follow those outlined by federal regulations. Anyone who has received a federal Stafford or Perkins Loan must complete an Exit Interview in the Financial Aid Office.
  • Adjustments to full-time charges are made only during the add/drop period if a student adjusts his/her schedule. No adjustments to full-time charges are made after the add/drop period unless a student withdraws from the University entirely.
  • If a student withdraws or is expelled from Otterbein University, then the school or the student may be required to return some of the federal funds awarded to the student.
  • Otterbein's Refund Policy exists for calculating the refund of institutional charges and assistance. Students who withdraw from the University will receive a pro-rated refund of educational and room/board fees due or paid, according to the refund schedule. 

Refund Schedules

Refund schedules have been established for those students who withdraw from the University. Application fees, laboratory fees, enrollment fee, applied music fees, and other similar charges are not refundable. For specific refund schedule dates, see the schedules below:

Current Schedules

Past Schedules

Wisconsin Refund and Withdrawal Information

This section applies to students enrolled in Otterbein distance or online programs as residents of the state of Wisconsin.

Refund Schedule
In accordance with Chapter 8 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, refunds during 2015-2016 are available on the schedule here.

When fees exceed $100 in a given term, the Wisconsin student will be eligible for a refund of any amount above $100 at the same percentage as tuition is reimbursed for the term.

Withdrawal from Otterbein
A Wisconsin student is considered withdrawn from a course when the student stops attending and/or participating in the online course.  The date of withdrawal will be the day after the student’s last day of attendance and/or participation in the course.

Although Wisconsin Administrative Code allows students to withdraw from courses by simply no longer attending and/or participating, Wisconsin students are encouraged to show consideration to the University by informing their course instructor, advisor, and/or the Director of the DNP program of their intentions to withdraw.  Students are additionally encouraged to withdraw from the course through Banner.

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