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Marysville Early College High School Offerings

Marysville Early College High School

Start your engines to Otterbein University! Take what you learn in high school and apply it toward earning a degree at Otterbein in as few as three years.

Explore a “Career Pathway” track at Marysville Early College High School

Marysville HS LogoOtterbein has partnered with Marysville Early College High School and Columbus State Community College to offer several Career Pathway tracks. You can earn college credit for FREE while in your high school classes.  Upon graduation, its full speed ahead to finish your bachelor's degree at Otterbein! Scholarships and financial aid will be available to you to complete your undergraduate degree on our beautiful campus in Westerville.

Marysville Early College High School Creates Bold New Choices for Students

“This is a bold approach to education and a first of its kind in the entire state of Ohio,” said Superintendent Diane Mankins. “When visitors come to our school, what they will see is modern, open classrooms, computer and science labs – it’s education on the cutting edge.”

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How do you get started?

  1. Chat with an adult, a professional in the field you are exploring and your school counselor about the 7 STEM-related academic tracks available at MECHS.  Then, choose the track that is interesting and a good fit for you!
  2. Decide to apply and to enroll in the Marysville Early College High School (MECHS) where you will begin college classes your freshmen year
  3. Schedule the courses that are offered for college credit in your chosen pathway; apply yourself and have fun
  4. Graduate with the completion of the college courses in your pathway and you will be admitted to Otterbein (quite possibly with sophomore standing)!
  5. Full-speed ahead to complete your Otterbein degree in as little as 3 years!

The 7 career pathway tracks that offer college credit and apply toward an Otterbein degree

HS student working on engineering projectYou can enter Otterbein at a Sophomore standing in the following:

  • Information Technology (Could reach junior level standing)
  • BioMed
  • Engineering
  • Health Information Medical Technology*
  • Sports Studies*
  • Multi-Craft Tech Engineer and Design – Business* 

You can enter Otterbein at a mid-Freshman standing:

  • Allied Health/Multi Comprehensive*

*Some classes in this Pathway can be applied to any major of your choice as well. 

Learn more about pathways toward a college degree while in high school

In person:  Visit the Otterbein University Enrollment Center at the Marysville Early College High School, talk with your principal or school counselor.

Call Otterbein University 614-823-1356 or Email Lavona See at lsee@otterbein.edu.

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The Office of Admission is located in Clippinger Hall,
102 W. College Ave.

Office Hours
M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


p/ 614.823.1500

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