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On-Campus Writers’ Retreat 
Saturday, November 17 ~ 12:30-6:00 pm
First floor of Roush Hall

Enjoy an inspiration-filled afternoon of writing experiments, fun, and more. Choose which interactive, student-led workshops to participate in, or focus in to finish off that poetry collection, novel, or paper for class in our Independent Writer's Studio. Snacks and coffee will be provided throughout the afternoon. 

Welcome ~ 12:30-1:00
Load up on coffee and snacks, get your hands on the detailed schedule for the day, and find out about upcoming writing contests and publications opportunities. 

Session One ~ 1:00-2:15
Borrowed Words & Found Beginnings
Inspiration can come from anywhere and lead in almost any direction. In this workshop we'll explore the use of borrowed lines and words as inspiration and jumping off points for our own work. (Jessica McGill and Beth Merritt)
Performance Poetry: Spoken Word, Slam, Song
Learn about, create, and even perform your own spoken word poetry, slam poetry, or song. (Jordan Abbruzzese, Tobias Ewing, and Amelia Gramling)

Session Two ~ 2:30-3:45
Tackling Sound & Silence in Poetry
Embrace sound and silence by reading, writing, and sharing poetry that focuses on auditory language. Through exercises and prompts, all will leave with a better sense of the sound-filled world around them. (Orey Wilson)
Cross-Genre Writing
What will you make from a genre of writing? Participants will choose a poem, story or scene, and write their own piece in a completely different genre. (Josh Brandon)

Session Three ~ 4:00-6:00
Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?
What would you write if you had no idea who would read it? What would it look like? Where would you leave it? It's time to stop waiting to be published. Do it yourself. And do it now. The humans need you. (Danielle Gagliano and Sydney Tammarine)


2012 Chapbook
2012 Magazine


5-6:30 pm
Roush 424


Whitney Reed

/Faculty Advisor

Shannon Lakanen




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