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I. Name

The name of the organization shall be "Friends of the Otterbein University Courtright Memorial Library."

II. Purpose

The Friends are an association of persons interested in: (1) promoting the interests of the library; (2) encouraging an understanding of the part the library plays in educating Otterbein students, in supporting faculty and staff, and in cooperating with other libraries to share resources; (3) encouraging gifts and bequests to benefit the library; and (4) assisting the library and its staff with exhibits, programs, publications, and other appropriate means.

III. Membership

Membership in the Friends is open to any person who is interested in supporting the activities and programs of the Otterbein University Library, and who has contributed either financially or through service, or through the gift of a special book, a collection of books, manuscripts, periodicals, or other informational formats.

IV. Officers

The President shall plan for and preside at the meetings of the Friends and the Friends Council. Whenever it is deemed advisable, the President may request the assistance of any member of the Friends to fulfill the goals of the organization. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the duties of that office and shall ordinarily become the nominee for the office of President. The Secretary shall prepare minutes of the Friends meetings, to be presented at the next meeting. The Treasurer shall give an accounting at Friends meetings of all funds collected and disbursed by the Friends. All officers shall be elected for a term of two years at the annual business meeting; they may be re-elected.

V. Friends Council

The Friends Council shall consist of the Officers, as listed above, plus the Immediate Past President, the Chairs of the Committees, two members-at-large, the Editor of the newsletter, the Library Director or her/his representative, and a representative from the Institutional Advancement Office.

VI. Meetings

The Friends shall hold at least one meeting annually, to present programs or lectures appropriate to the activities of the organization and to conduct such business as is deemed necessary. Meetings shall ordinarily be held on the Otterbein campus. Notice of all meetings shall be published in the newsletter and sent to all members. Business will be conducted by those present.

VII. Committees

Committees will be formed as needed to conduct the business of the Friends and may include the following: Program, Membership, Fund Raising, Publicity, and Nominating. Other committees may be appointed as needed.

VIII. Newsletter

The Friends shall publish a Newsletter (either paper or electronic) on an appropriate schedule to inform the Friends of activities, objectives, programs, and meetings. The Editor shall supervise any publication of newsletters, either paper or electronic.

IX. Amendments

Any member of the Friends may propose amendments to these Bylaws for approval at the annual meeting. The proposed amendments must be submitted in time to be included in the notice of the next meeting to the Friends. These Bylaws shall supersede all previous Bylaws, and shall be effective upon their adoption by a two-thirds vote of those present at the annual business meeting.

X. Robert’s Rules of Order

The proper parliamentary procedure will be determined by using Robert’s Rules of Order.

Approved 4-14-00, Revised 4-25-03