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First Friends Business Meeting
June 1997

Standing: Lillian F., Sylvia V., Mary Ann B., Paul B., Christine L., Jessica M., Woody M.
Seated: Esther B., Phil B., Margaret O.
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Dedication of Plaque for Harold Hancock, John Becker, and Robert Price
June 1997
Sylvia V. and C. Brent DeVore with plaque
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Autograph Auction
April 1998
Examples of Some of the Autographs



Friends inspect the autographs.



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Second Friends Business Meeting
June 1998
Standing: Charles S., Rex O., Sylvia V., Wade V., Joanne V., Jim G.
Seated: Alice S., Marilyn D., Beth D.
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Third Friends Business Meeting
April 1999
Bert H., Jane H., Doris E., Lillian F., Phil B., Mary Pat K., Lois S.
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Presentation by Alex Kotlowitz
November 1999

Alex Kotlowitz and Members of the Friends

Alex Kotlowitz
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Midnight at the Millennium : A Movie/Murder Mystery
April 14, 2000

Mary Pat K. (Cathy Brenner), Rick D. (Roger Thornhill), John W. (Richard Jenkins) and Susan W. (Sally Jenkins)
Alison P. (Miss Froy)
Play written by Thomas Szudy and
Directed by Pat Kessler
Alison P. (Miss Froy), Stephen G. (Alfred Hitchcock), and
John W. (Richard Jenkins)

Stephen G. (Sound Effects/Alfred Hitchcock), Rick D. (Roger Thornhill), Mary Pat K. (Cathy Brenner), Alison P. (Miss Froy) , Mallory W. (The McGuffin), Susan W. (Sally Jenkins), and John W. (Richard Jenkins)

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Presentation by Helen Fremont
October 2000
Common Book Author, Helen Fremont, and the hanging of her portrait on the Common Book Wall
Members of the community enjoy Helen Fremont's presentation
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