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Oral History Project
March 13, 2003
Stephen G., Joanne V., Douglas & Mary Pat K.,
Robert K., Marilyn D. & Gertrude K.
Lois S., Joanne V., Douglas & Mary Pat K.,
Robert K., Marilyn D. & Gertrude K.
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"Travel Tips by Two Titans of Travel: Not Your Mother's Travelog!" Annual Spring Meeting
April 25, 2003
Joanne Van Sant & Marilyn Day, Publicity photo
Marilyn D. & Joanne V.
Mary Cay W. & John W. demonstrating
the "proper" way to pack for a trip
Mary Pat K., Security &
Jane H. , Flight Attendant

Getting Through Security
Mary Pat K., John W., Sylvia V., Waid V. & Jane H.

Bert H., our Pilot

Jane H., Flight Attendant with John W., Waid V.,
Joanne V., Marge T. & Marilyn D.

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"Bombingham" by Anthony Grooms
October 27, 2003
Patti R. with Tony Grooms and his plaque for Bombingham
Debora H., Tony Grooms, Mary Pat K., and Larry C.
Tony Grooms signing autographs.
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"With a Song in My Heart, and a Book in My Hand" Annual Spring Meeting
April 17, 2004
Freshman Musical Theater Students perform their songs
Kate M., James S., Brett K., Abby D., Drew A., Kyle B.,
Cassie B., Chris C., and Lilian M. singing "Pirate Story"
Freshman Musical Theater Students with Lois S., Mary Pat K., and Dennis D.
Friends members after a great performance!
Attendees enjoy refreshments
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