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Getting Started

What types of things should I consider before starting a research paper or other assignment?
How can I find a topic for my research paper?
How do I know which materials to use for my assignment (speech, research paper, etc.)?
What resources can I use to find synonyms for search terms?

Performing Research

How do I know whether to use primary or secondary sources for my research paper?
Which classification systems are used in the Courtright Memorial Library, and how do I use them?
What are references sources, and how can I take advantage of them?
What are the different types of journals and other annual publications?
How do I know what internet sources are acceptable for my research?
What are some useful electronic resources?
What are Boolean operators and wildcards, and how do I use them?

Using Resources

How can I evaluate my resources for my research paper?
What should I look for in order to determine if my sources provide accurate information?
Should I be aware of bias when conducting research?
What is plagiarism, and how can I avoid it?
Should I be concerned about copyright law when conducting research?
What is Fair Use?
What are some resources that can help me cite my sources?
How do I create an annotated bibliography?

Additional Info

How can I contact the library?
Where can I find other useful resources that discuss research, citations, and copyright information?

One might have a question or two when conducting research. To assist with such queries, here are some Frequently Asked Questions that this tutorial can answer. Click on a question to link to a helpful page.