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Dell Laptop (16)


Logitech Webcam (2)


Canon Mini DV ZR950 (5)

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Digital Cameras:

Canon Powershot A3100 (3)

Data Projectors:

Presentation Remotes:

DVD Players/VCRs:

Digital Audio Recorders:

Digital Voice Recorder (4)

Small Public Announcement (PA) Systems

PA System (2)


Graphing Calculators:

TI-85 (1)


Other Equipment Available:


Ellison Press and Die Cuts


Also available for checkout are webcams, overhead projectors, PA systems, audio cassette recorders, CD/tape players, tripods, film carrousel projectors, VHS camcorders, computer mice, projection screens, microphones, extension cords, and headphones. These are available on a first come first serve basis. Due to the loan period of only 24 hours, we recommend checking out any material you may need before you need it to allow yourself time to become familiar with the equipment.