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Otterbein in Sierra Leone:

A Timeline: Sierra Leone, Otterbein and the United Brethren Church



Unknown school in Sierra Leone, West Africa, 1969


1798:  Foundation of original British colony on Sierra Leone peninsula as a haven for freed slaves (mostly recaptured from slave ships along the British coast)


1855:  First United Brethren mission to Sierra Leone (Freetown)


1857:  Shenge United Brethren mission station established


1877:  Rotifunk United Brethren mission station established


1896:   Declaration of British protectorate, encompassing the present territory of Sierra Leone


1898:  Rebellion in the protectorate against British rule. Seven United Brethren missionaries killed at Rotifunk


1905:  Albert Academy founded in Freetown by J.R. King, an American missionary (Otterbein 1894). Milton Margai and Siaka Stevens, the first and third presidents of independent Sierra Leone, along with a great many other prominent figures attend Albert Academy.


1908:  By this date, there are 15 United Brethren mission stations in the colony and protectorate


1922:  Lloyd Mignerey (Otterbein 1917) is missionary-in-charge at Rotifunk


1923-1924:  Lloyd Mignerey is the principal of Albert Academy


1927-1939:  Glen Rosselot (Otterbein 1916), an American missionary, becomes principal of Albert Academy


1939-1959:  Richard Kelfa-Caulker (Otterbein 1935) is the first African principal of Albert Academy


1961:  Sierra Leone becomes independent


1961:  Max A. Bailor (Otterbein 1953) becomes the second African principal of Albert Academy


1964:  Milton Margai dies


1967-1985:  Siaka Stevens rules under a one-party system


1985:   J.S. Momoh, Stevens' hand-picked successor, is elected in an uncontested election


1991:  Beginning of civil war in Sierra Leone


1992:  Momoh deposed by young military officers. Valentine Strasser becomes leader.


January 16, 1996: Strasser deposed by Bio.


February 26, 1996: first round of elections held--finalists are Alhaji Ahmad Teejan Kaaba and John Karefa-Smart (Otterbein 1940)


March 17, 1996: Teejan Kaaba announced as the winner of runoff elections. Civil war begins to wind down.



Timeline created by Jeremy Smith, Professor of English, Sierra Leone Collection: Located in The Otterbein Room- Archives


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Created by: Mindy VanHouten, Kent State University practicum student, July 2008