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Performing Research
Using the Internet
The Internet is a network of networks. It provides quick and easy access to an abundance of information through the World Wide Web. Before using the Internet to perform research, make sure your professor will allow website sources. It is critical that you determine the source of materials found in the World Wide Web. Being able to distinguish a site which gives reliable information rather than incorrect information can be difficult.
While researching on the Internet:
1. Always question why the information is being distributed on the Internet.
2. Always determine the authorship of the information you're viewing, and if such authorship is credible.
3 . Always notice the domain name (example: .gov or .org are generally more trustworthy than .com sites).
4 . Wikipedia might be a good place to start finding information, but it's also important to find other sources that might be more reputable.
Internet sites according to suffix
An educational establishment runs the website. This does not mean that the information you find is academic, many schools provide students with their own web pages, which contain personal opinions and information that might not be correct.
Governmental Agencies
Network provider


Commercial establishments, companies such as Converse and Amazon have the .com suffix attached to their sites.
Organizational web site. They are often nonprofit, i.e. .American Sociological Association or PETA. The intent is to influence public opinion about a particular cause or issue.
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