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Some Helpful Tips
Here are some tips to remember while you're conducting your research.
• Don't panic. The library will usually have something on your topic and if we don't have everything you need, we will get it for you from another library.
• Don't wait until the last minute. The sooner you get started the easier your research will be.
• Don't assume that everything you need can be found via a computer. Sometimes the fastest and easiest library research can be done with a book.
• Write down all your citation information and keep it attached to any notes you take from a specific source. This will make writing your paper and citing your sources effortless later on.
• Sometimes simply browsing through the area of the library containing books or periodicals on your subject is a good way to find information you wouldn't have thought to look for.
You can do library research. The library is not that difficult to use. We try very hard to make using the library as easy as possible. If you are getting frustrated please ask -- we are here to help you.
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