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  • Always bring your Cardinal Card or a picture ID with you in order to check-out library materials.
  • There is no smoking or use of tobacco products anywhere within or near the facility. Please do not smoke under the overhang, and remember to use the proper container to dispose of your smoking materials.
  • While food and water bottles or covered beverage containers are acceptable, please do not bring in open cups, cans, or other types of open beverage containers. If you spill your drink (even water), please clean up the spill or notify a library employee. Please dispose of any trash in the proper receptacles.
  • Please do not reshelve library materials once you have taken them from the shelves. Return them to the shelving carts or tables and a library staff member will include them in our statistical count and reshelve them for you.
  • The third floor has been designated as a quiet study area; please respect others needs and keep noise to a minimum.
  • If the security system alarm rings please return to the Circulation desk to determine the problem. Many bookstores (including our university bookstore), libraries, and other facilities use the same system.