Performing Arts Initiative: Music

As you walk through the Battelle Fine Arts Center, home of the Department of Music at Otterbein, you’ll notice that it’s alive — with music, with laughter, with professors engaging students. That’s because music at Otterbein is more than an education, it’s an experience. Music is the one language we all speak.  

With the number of strong music programs in our region, we must make music study at Otterbein as competitive and affordable as possible for the most promising talent. Music study involves expenses at every level: students must buy instruments, take private lessons and play or sing in ensembles. Music study always includes fees and additional investments beyond tuition. Designated scholarships will ensure talented students have access to the excellence and opportunity afforded by an Otterbein education. 

Generations of Otterbein music students have sung and played in Riley Auditorium. As a welcoming intimate space for performers and audiences, Riley also serves as the primary venue for University Senate, guest lecturers, conferences and other institutional gatherings. While still a beautiful recital hall with excellent acoustics, after nearly 40 years of constant daily use, Riley is ready for renewal. Restorations will give this space new life to amplify its use and purpose as an essential venue. 

Otterbein’s Concert Choir has a distinguished history of musical excellence. One of its most significant traditions is the annual U.S. spring tour and an international tour once every four years. As good will ambassadors for Otterbein, the choir has performed for appreciative audiences from the Beijing Conservatory in China to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. However, for many students, affording tour participation is a prohibitive financial challenge. Our tours share a message that Otterbein is an exemplary leader in the global music community. This message is only further affirmed by the success and contributions of our accomplished music alumni.

This campaign exemplifies what Otterbein has stood for over the years. It has never stepped back and become stagnant. It’s always been about being progressive. 

Virginia Phillippi Longmire, ’55

STAND with Otterbein's Performing Arts Initiative

Supporting these critical priorities will make an immediate impact for the Music Department.


Ensuring that the most promising student talent has the opportunity to benefit from the transformative power of an Otterbein education, endowed scholarships can be established for a minimum gift of $25,000 in the following areas:

Endowed Talent Awards and Scholarships Music Education Scholarships
Endowed Music Scholarships Talent and Participation Scholarships

Experiential Learning

Hands-on learning teaches students the competencies they need for real-world success. (Tours, internships and travel):

Named Directorship Endowment $100,000 - $500,000
Named Travel Endowment Fund $25,000
Chair’s Discretionary Fund $25,000
Underwriting Annual Travel, Experiential Learning and Internships $2,500 - $5,000

Renovations in Battelle and Riley Auditorium

Providing an innovative and modern environment for students and audiences is important to stay relevant in the competitive field of the performing arts.

Windows funded $150,000 Lighting Updates $50,000
Acoustic Enhancement & Design $100,000 Audio Updates $30,000
Seats funded $72,000 Doors $20,000
General Renovation Fund $50,000+ Carpet $18,000

The students and the faculty team together to make sure that their musical experiences prepare them for the world after they graduate. Otterbein music majors work hard to be successful music teachers, music performers and successful in the music business world. We want them to be as outstanding as they can be.

Dr. Gayle Walker
Director of Choral Activities

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Giving to Otterbein

Gifts of all sizes bolster the collective strength of the STAND initiative.  Through your contribution, you join other donors in making a significant, immediate and lasting difference in the Otterbein community.


Otterbein volunteers have always played a critical role for the University. Your role as a campaign volunteer is to cultivate and develop and shape the Institution's future by helping to raise Otterbein's profile, advocating for support, and securing resources for specific initiatives. 


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