You are invited to share in the highlights from a conversation between three Otterbein leaders for a rare presidential perspective about what Otterbein stands for and why its commitment to put students first truly matters. 

  • President Emeritus Thomas Kerr: a builder of ideas—his leadership reflected an expansion of Otterbein’s knowledge infrastructure.

  • President Emeritus C. Brent DeVore: a builder of place—his leadership reflected expansion on nearly every front of campus and a heightened call to service.

  • President Kathy A. Krendl: a pioneer in her own right—her leadership will ensure Otterbein stands strong into the 21st century.

On Students First
The presidents of Otterbein University discuss what the institution stands for, how the faculty and students work together to accomplish a common goal of success, whilst creating a lasting impression.



On Legacies and Treasured Traditions (Part 1 of 2)
Discover the hopes these leaders have for their legacies and the treasured places on campus that have inspired each.

On Legacies and Treasured Traditions (Part 2 of 2)
The current & two past presidents of Otterbein University speak about the decisions they make for the advancement of the institution, while fostering the foundation of community on which Otterbein continues to thrive.

On Campus Renewal
The presidents of Otterbein University discuss what the institution can provide its student body in terms of greater opportunities to engage and experience the most up-to-date facilities and technology.