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Thomas & Jean BromleleyDr. Thomas R. Bromeley '51 &
Jean Hostetler Bromeley '54

Dr. Thomas R. Bromeley ’51is a business and civic leader who came to Otterbein in 1947. He joined Pi Kappa Phi and soon met Jean Hostetler Bromeley ’54, a member of Sigma Alpha Tau. Married in 1951, they are dedicated supporters of Otterbein, funding scholarships, the Otterbein Fund, and capital and academic projects.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in physics with honors, Bromeley earned a master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, then began a career in business, manufacturing and publishing. He was chairman of Allegheny Bradford Corporation (founded by his father), and a director of Integra Bank (later National City Bank).

Bromeley served on Otterbein’s Board of Trustees for 31 years. During his term as board chair (1996-2006), he oversaw the campaign to renovate the landmark Towers Hall. He and his wife funded one of the largest classroom spaces on campus as part of the project. Otterbein awarded him an honorary doctorate in business administration (1988) and a Distinguished Alumnus Award (2002).

The Bromeleys are advocates for their community of Bradford, Pennsylvania, as well as health care and education. Their foundation, The Pembroke Foundation (founded by Jean’s parents) has had a tremendous impact in higher education. The example the Bromeleys have set for service and philanthropy makes Otterbein proud to honor Dr. Thomas and Jean Hostetler Bromeley with our highest award for service and philanthropy.

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