3rd Annual Juried High School Art Exhibition

Posted Sep 01, 2021

November 29 – December 10, 2021
Addie Richardson, Student Curator
Miller Gallery, 33 Collegeview Road, Westerville, OH
Hybrid Reception:
Friday, December 3, 2021; 5 – 7p
Announcement of awards & Juror remarks will begin at 5:30p
Click here to access the reception on Zoom.

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Otterbein’s annual juried high school art exhibition supports and promotes young artists in Ohio and the contiguous states. Students gain experience preparing and submitting their artwork for review by a qualified arts professional. Cash awards totaling $600 are given to the top work, selected by the Juror, and scholarships to attend Otterbein are offered to students who jury into the exhibition, and additional scholarships are offered to those whose work receives additional recognition.


Location and Hours

Miller Gallery
Art & Communication Building
33 Collegeview Road
Westerville, OH 43081

M - F 8a - 4p
Sa & Su 1p - 4p
Closed Holidays and Breaks


All exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Artwork Juried into the Exhibition

41 Swaddled Memories

Jasmine Walker
Swaddled Memories

acrylic/pastel/colored pencil
18″ x 14″
Lakota West High School

37 One Mans Junk

Hailey Romshak
One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure
16″ x 20″
Union Local High School

07 Rearview

Julie Moeller
colored pencils
17″ x 22″
Allen East High School

33 Content

Hannah Remy

colored pencils
9″ x 12″
Waverly High School

12 Wilderness

Zoe Crock
Honey Bee Landing

17″ x 14″
Caldwell High School

05 Evening Fair

Caleb Wilson
Evening Fair

Digital Photography
13″ x 19.25″
The Wellington School

01 Refusal

Jacob Nicholason

solar plate etching and gouache on paper
9″ x 11″
Lancaster High School

28 Mikey

Honorable Mention
Chloe Baldeck

13″ x 11.5″ x 8″
Olentangy Liberty High School
Juror’s Remarks: The Faun, a woodland creature with pointed ears and short horns of a goat, with a fondness for unrestrained revelry as well as symbolic of peace and fertility. Fauns inspire fear in those traveling in lonely, remote, or wild places, and are capable of guiding people in need. A faun named Mikey. It’s lighthearted, clever, and extremely well-executed.

35 The Talk

Caleb McWhorter
The Talk

16″ x 20″
Union Local High School

36 Forgotten Blue Hues

3rd Place ($100)
Mckenzie McFarland
Forgotten Blue Hues
Chalk Pastel
13″ x 17″
Martins Ferry High School
Juror’s Remarks: The blues. Inner contemplation. Sadness. Fingers that run through hair and leave blue pastel chalk everywhere. The Blues is also a music genre that captures the suffering, anguish, and hopes of 300 years of slavery and tenant farming. The phrase “the blues” was first written by Charlotte Forten, a free-born black woman from Pennsylvania who was working as a schoolteacher in South Carolina. She said blues songs, “can’t be sung without a full heart and a troubled spirit.” Do we remember, or have we forgotten?

30 Strength Of A Soldier

Greg Elliot
Strength of a Soldier
19″ x 13″ x 13″
Olentangy Liberty High School

34 Depressed And Destressed

Alleigh Cheatham
Depressed and Destressed
11″ x 14″
Union Local High School

02 High Up

Greta Schumacher
High Up

pen and ink
18″ x 12″
New Albany Plains Local High School

15 Abbie

Sophia Martin

oil on canvas
23″ x 18″
Lancaster High School

43 Washed Away

Ashley Fryer
Washed Away

20″ x 16″
Lakota West High School

13 Past Nirvana

Fiona Loudermilk
Past Nirvana

11″ x 14″
Lakewood High School

06 Who Do You Trust

2nd Place ($150)
Shelby Hannahs
Who Do You Trust?
24″ x 20″
acrylic on canvas
Union Local High School
Juror’s Remarks: Indeed! It’s been a strange and complicated year. Things I never imagined would become controversial took on shocking political meaning. I appreciate how this acrylic painting poses one of the most important questions of our current time without taking a position. Although I’m pretty sure I know what the artist means to say with this piece. But maybe I’m wrong, and the point is to start a conversation!


21 Vermont Dog

Christian Wurapa
Vermont Dog
acrylic / micropen
9″ x 12″
The Wellington School

03 Cherry

Cyrus Richardson
Cherry on Top
3.5″ x 13″ x 6″
Columbus Academy

04 Toy Still Life

Evelyn Mejia
Toy Still Life

colored pencil and ink
12″ x 18″
New Albany High School

14 R3z

Amaya Nida

8.5″ x 8.5″
Lancaster High School

10 Company Mindset

Sara Velasco
Company Mindset

23.25″ x 17.5″
The Wellington School

24 Summertime Stillness

Shelby Hannahs
Summertime Silliness

acrylic on canvas
18″ x 24″
Union Local High School

29 Bottled Fish

Honorable Mention
Reese Nichols
Bottled Fish

graphite on paper
18″ x 12″
Waverly High School
Juror’s Remarks: National Geographic suggests that plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a floating accumulation of mostly plastic debris that covers an estimated area three times the size of France and floats between Hawaii and California. In this one piece, we’re confronted with a plastic bottle that looks like a fish but isn’t. We should pay attention.

11 Wilderness

Jayden Steele
pen and ink
12″ x 9″
Waverly High School

40 Little Pets

Sydney Burgei
Little pets, BIG personalities
colored pencil
24″ x 18″
New Albany High School

39 450 Years

Syndey Burgei
450 years

colored pencil on cardboard
4″ x 12″
New Albany High School

09 Picasso

Julianna Cover
Picasso’s Daughter
9″ x 12″
Olentangy Liberty High School

32 Sara Sigmundsdo  Ttir

Naomi Kirkland
Sara Sigmundsdóttir
24″ x 18″
Brunswick High School

20 Savannah

Riley Lewis
13″ x 18″
Shelby High School

23 Grapes Of Wrath

Kalleigh Stoner
Grapes of Wrath
acrylic on canvas
16″ x 16″
Union Local High School

44 Frozen In Time

Taylor Hamilton
Frozen in Time
oil pastel and colored pencil
16″ X 20″
Lakota West High School

16 Fall Vase

Anna Wells
Fall Vase

8″ x 10″
Wayne Trace High School

25 Girl Of Spores

Bella Sibold
Girl of Spores

23″ x 16″
Pandora Gilboa High School

45 Pink Flamingo

Demi Shostak
Pink Flamingos
charcoal pencil
18″ x 24″
New Albany High School

31 Spoon Reflection

Reese Nichols
Spoon Reflection

17″ x 8″
Waverly High School

18 Diaspora

Diya Naik

paint on cardboard
6″ x 16″
New Albany High School

19 Witvelian

Elijah Spinner
ink markers
25.5″ x 33″
Wayne Trace High School

22 Go Jets

Emma Sroka
Go Jets
digital photography
11″ x 14″
Union Local High School

08 Coils

Madeline McKinley

12″ x 8″ x 8″
Olentangy Liberty High School

38 Pool Boy

Annabelle Krygier
Pool Boy
digital photography
8″ x 10″
The Wellington School

26 The Reaper

Zoe Fyffe
The Reaper

9″ x 12″
Waverly High School

27 It Never Does

Mercedes Walker
It Never Does

24″ x 18″
Waverly High School

42 Bro Ken

1st Prize ($200)
Gina Lin
Bro Ken

soft pastels
20″ x 16″
Lakota West High School
Juror’s Remarks: Perhaps the perfect metaphor for the current time. Or maybe just a simple still life in chalk pastel of a hand holding a broken and dripping egg. Beautiful yet fragile. It’s thin membrane barely holds the yolk together. Is this a metaphor for the tenuous world in which we all live? This piece also plays with language. Broken. Bro Ken. Sometimes less is more and simple is complicated.

17 Insecure

Kaydence White
colored pencil
8.5″ x 11″
Champion Local

Some artwork may be for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a work of art, please contact Addie at richmond1@otterbein.edu

Congratulations to Our Student Artists!