WE ARE   your home away from home…

If it’s true that, ‘‘Home is where your heart is,’’ Otterbein is sure to become your home quicker than you can imagine. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of the videos below to hear advice from students. 

How to Make Otterbein Home 

Your room is your own. You are free to decorate, arrange, and enjoy it however you want – this is your home, and we want it to feel that way!

“I make Otterbein feel like home by making my room comfortable. I fill it with pictures and items that remind me of my family and help me relax after a long day at school, and having plants to take care of reminds me to care for myself as well.”

– Emily, first year student

Fraternity President Tristan Kovach does his best MTV Cribs impression

Senior and fraternity president Tristan shows us the Alpha Sigma phi house, and discusses his life at Otterbein. Watch out for the special appearance by Alpha the dog.

Otterbein events and your new bedroom

Meet Kenzie and Hugh, two of Otterbein’s RAs, as they give you advice on ways to avoid looking like a first-year and offer some tips on an easier transition to college.

BTW, an RA is the nickname for Resident Assistants, students who are also part of the Otterbein Residence Life staff. An Important part of their job is helping make your life as a new Cardinal even easier.

Top tips to not look like a first year student

Kenzie and Hugh get a little more serious as they talk about the events they run, their relationships with their students and what’s included in your new room.