Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador – Abigail Wilkinson ’24

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Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador 
Abigail Wilkinson

Abigail Wilkinson ’24She/Her/Hers


Major: Zoo and Conservation Science, Biology

High School: Downers Grove South High School

Home Town: Downers Grove, IL

Extra Curriculars/Involvement at Otterbein:
I am involved in Res Life, Otterbein Animal Conservation Club, PAL Lab, and Admissions.

Do you have a job on campus?
I work on the admissions team as a tour guide as well as in Res life as an RA.

Are you part of the Honors program at Otterbein?

Have you been involved in research at Otterbein?
I am involved in Dr. Rich’s PAL Lab! PAL stands for Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes. In this lab we do research on how humans effect nonhuman primates, specifically about how different things humans do like for example agriculture may effect female non-human primate reproduction.

Have you studied abroad while at Otterbein?

What are your plans after graduation?
My plans after graduation are to become a zookeeper. I just love animals and building those connections with them. My top 3 dream species to work with are rhinos, polar bears, and apes like gorillas and orangutans.

What is your favorite spot around town (Columbus, Westerville, etc)?
I love the science center! I love sitting in front of the huge windows studying. I love how much natural light there is an love to just look out at campus.

What is your favorite event or tradition at Otterbein?
I really enjoy the clap-in and clap-out tradition. Although I personally did not get clapped in due to COVID, I got to experience it this year when I helped with first flight, and I could just feel how special it will be on graduation day!