Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador – Alexis Grimes ’23

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Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador 
Alex Grimes

Alexis Grimes ’23She/Her/Hers


Major: Zoo & Conservation Science B.S., Biology B.S.

Minor: Chemistry

High School: South Dearborn High School

Home Town: Aurora, Indiana

Extra Curriculars/Involvement at Otterbein:
Greek life, OUSG, Otterbein Animal Conservation Club

Do you have a job on campus?
Reslife, Tour guide

Are you part of the Honors program at Otterbein?

Have you been involved in research at Otterbein?
Yes, I have complete three research projects and am currently starting two more this semester. Each of these have been semester long project through a course. I cannot express how much I love being able to routinely plan, execute and present my own research both from the field and in a lab setting. Professors provide whatever guidance you express you need in order to succeed which is another thing I really enjoy!

Have you studied abroad while at Otterbein?

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to attend veterinary school after graduation.

What is your favorite spot around town (Columbus, Westerville, etc)?
My favorite spot on campus sitting at the tables outside the library and enjoying the weather while still getting my work done.

What is your favorite event or tradition at Otterbein?
My favorite Otterbein tradition is the rock! It has layers and layers of Otterbein history in the center of campus.