Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador – Hannah Stapp ’23

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Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador 
Hannah Stapp

Hannah Stapp ’23 she/her

Major: Business Analytics & Marketing

Minor: Data Science, Economics and Marketing Analytics

High School: Willoughby South High School

Home Town: Willoughby, OH

Extra Curriculars/Involvement at Otterbein:
ALD/PES National Honors Society, Common Book Selection Committee, Honors Program, Manhattan College of Business Annual Analytics Competition

Do you have a job on campus?

Are you part of the Honors program at Otterbein?
As a student in the Honors Program I partake in Honors integrative studies courses with other members of the program. I also chose to conduct an Honors Thesis project, where I chose the topic and course of my own research project, guided by an advisor.

Have you been involved in research at Otterbein?
I am involved in self-guided and group research. For my Honors Thesis Project, I conduct literature reviews using library databases, data cleaning and coding using excel, and analysis using software. The group project I am involved in is an Annual Analytics Competition, where we collect, code, analyze, and present data. In both research experiences, it is helpful to have Otterbein faculty available to assist me, and I have learned valuable communication and technical skills so far.

Have you studied abroad while at Otterbein?

What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I aspire to find a career where I can grow my analytical and communication skills, and improve the lives of others.

What is your favorite spot around town (Columbus, Westerville, etc)?
Roush Hall is my favorite spot on campus. Roush always has an open classroom for group collaboration or a comfy chair to do homework in.

What is your favorite event or tradition at Otterbein?
My favorite Otterbein tradition is the annual Common Book Convocation. I love hearing each year’s author speak, they have rich knowledge and evoke self-reflection and discussion amongst peers.