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Lauren Rumbalski

Lauren Rumbalski ’22She/Her/Hers


Major: Allied Health

Minor: Psychology

High School: Rutherford B Hayes High School

Home Town: Delaware, Ohio

Extra Curriculars/Involvement at Otterbein:
Sigma Alpha Tau Sorority, Health Professions Club

Do you have a job on campus?
Tutor and Tour Guide

Are you part of the Honors program at Otterbein?
Yes, I have loved the honors program. The faculty all want to see their students succeed and accomplish great things! Having the opportunity to work on my thesis is helping me to be prepared for graduate school and beyond!

Have you been involved in research at Otterbein?
I am in the process of completing my two year thesis in Otterbein’s newly instated Biomechanics Institute. We are using the 3D motion technology to identify walking gait patterns and abnormalities in college aged students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Have you studied abroad while at Otterbein?

What are your plans after graduation?
Pursuing my doctorate in Occupational Therapy

What is your favorite spot around town (Columbus, Westerville, etc)?
The Center for Health and Sport Science! This is where all my faculty offices are and it is just like a big happy family in the building. They all leave their doors open and you can’t walk by without being greeted by a fellow student or faculty member!

What is your favorite event or tradition at Otterbein?
Otterthon! Raising funds for children and families of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and getting to dance and have fun with all my friends is the best combination. Our sororities philanthropy is The Ronald McDonald house in Columbus so Otterthon is close to our hearts!