Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador – Lucy Breedlove ’23

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Chat with an Otterbein Ambassador 
Lucy Breedlove

Lucy Breedlove ’23She/Her/Hers


Major: Musical Theatre

High School: James Madison High School

Home Town: Vienna, VA

Extra Curriculars/Involvement at Otterbein:
Greek life, theatre productions

Do you have a job on campus?
Tour guide

Are you part of the Honors program at Otterbein?
The honors program was an amazing first introduction to otterbein because of the people I met through it! Being out of state, I loved living in a dorm with and taking classes among students studying a variety of disciplines.

Have you been involved in research at Otterbein?

Have you studied abroad while at Otterbein?

What are your plans after graduation?
Before I graduate, I’ll move to New York and complete my last semester from an internship there. Afterwards I plan to stay for at least a few years- it depends what I book after college!

What is your favorite spot around town (Columbus, Westerville, etc)?
I love hammocking with my friends on the quad behind towers! The Kappa house also holds some of my fondest memories and I’ll always cherish the conversations and experiences I’ve had there.

What is your favorite event or tradition at Otterbein?
Now that we’re allowed to perform again, I LOVE going to shows here! Both seeing my friends perform and being onstage myself bring so much joy to my overall experience here.