Clery Act and Crime Reporting at Otterbein University

As required by the Federal Department of Education Clery Act, the Otterbein Police Department maintains a Daily Crime Log of criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the campus police. The Daily Crime Log is available to all students, parents and the general public. It includes, but is not limited to, such information as date, time, location, responding officer and outcomes of incidents. We include reports of all types of crimes, not just those required by the Clery Act. We also maintain an On-Campus Residential Housing Fire Log.

Any arrest records are publicly accessible in the court systems in which they are filed. When serious or continuing threats arise on or near campus, police implement the Red Alert timely warning notification system immediately sending notices to all students by text, email and phone with detailed instructions.

As a private police force, the Otterbein Police Department works to protect student safety while also protecting the identity of innocent victims. For victims of crime, including survivors of sexual assaults, this means that only people who need to know about an incident will be given their names and other limited information, as necessary. These people may include law enforcement officials and campus employees trained in victim support and counseling. Studies show that survivors of sexual assault are less likely to report the crime if their names are made available, and Otterbein wants to continue to offer a supportive environment for survivors to come forward.

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