Elijah McCutcheon, ‘22, Student Trustee

Elijah Mccutcheon

Elijah McCutcheon ‘22, a Columbus, Ohio native. Is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. During this time Elijah is involved in various ways on campus. He currently serves as the President of Men of Vision a diversity organization at Otterbein working to promote leadership and brotherhood, amongst Otterbein Students. He also serves as Secretary for The African American Student Union. Elijah believes in working to make a difference in whatever level he is at and apart of that is working to evoke change where needed and leadership where lacked. Apart from serving at Otterbein Elijah enjoys working on his podcast The Conversation w/ Josh and Elijah which he does with his best-friend, spending time with loved ones and serving at his local church. Elijah is excited to serve the students in this role as a member of the Board of Trustees.