Stephanie Patridge, Professor, Philosophy & Religion

Stephanie Patridge



Towers Hall 320

Stephanie Patridge spends most of her time thinking about imaginative contexts such as videogames, digital artworks, jokes, and pornography. She often focuses on issues that pertain to identity and social location. She teaches classes in aesthetics and philosophy of art, philosophy of games, philosophy of race, and ethics.

Dr. Patridge is also the Coordinator Liaison to the Arts and Humanities departments at Otterbein.


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Washington, 2006
  • M.A., Philosophy, University of Washington, 1999
  • B.A., The Ohio State University, 1996

Research, Creative, & Professional Work

  • Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Games
  • Philosophy of Race and Gender


  • (2017) coeditor, w/ Lee Brown and David Goldblatt, Aesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts, 4th edition, Routledge, New York: NY
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Invited Articles
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