“We are taking the lead in the college affordability crisis through commitments like the Opportunity Scholarship and Tuition Transparency.”

John L. Comerford, President of Otterbein

Tuition Transparency

The cost of an undergraduate college education can be daunting enough without wondering if tuition will increase—and if it does, by how much?
Otterbein’s Commitment is clear, simple, and it’s easy to understand. Tuition transparency is one part of Otterbein’s commitment to students and families to keep a college education as affordable as possible:

  • Before you enroll, Otterbein University will let you know how much tuition will increase each of the four years of your degree.
  • No surprises, no padded costs, just the truth.
  • Total transparency. It’s that simple.

Examine other schools’ and you’ll discover one of two models. Either your tuition rate is subject to an unknown increase each spring or the promise of a “tuition guarantee” that locks in tuition at its highest four-year rate for a padded cost.

The Otterbein Commitment reflects more than a promise of affordability — it’s our values and our promises to our students for academic excellence; intentional experiential learning; diversity and inclusion; and serving the public good.

Let us know what questions we can answer and how we can help you.

Why is tuition transparency so important?

“This is true tuition transparency — no surprises and no padding.”

Jefferson Blackburn-Smith, VP Enrollment Management