WE ARE   as involved as we are multi-talented.

When it comes to getting involved at Otterbein, there are so many ways for you make a difference and make friends. Take the quiz below to find which clubs and organizations might match your personality. We’re counting on you to become a part of this place – whether you start a new club, volunteer, join the Marching Band or take the intramural championship!

Get Involved

Check below to see your results and a sample of our organisation! If you don’t see what you were looking for don’t worry, this is only a few of Otterbein’s clubs. Check out the full list here.

(And if you still don’t see what you wanted–Otterbein students start new organizations all the time!)

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If you could have dinner with one person who would you choose?

Mother Teresa
LeBron James
George Washington

What is on your Instagram discover page?

ESPN top 10s
Inspiring theater performances
Motivational quotes
Re-post to plant a tree

What clutter do your friends have to move before they ride shotgun in your car?

A tuba, a trombone and seven drumsticks
Cookies left over from the blood drive and pen giveaways from Relay for Life
Flyers for your Student Government campaign
Gym shoes and a sweaty t-shirt

What best describes your role in your friendship group?

The mom/dad of the group
The passionate one
The competitive one
The one who organizes every activity

Where do you and your friends typically hang out?

Any playing field we can find
Ohio Theatre – even when there isn’t a show on
Your house – at the dining room table – where big ideas take root
Wherever you can volunteer that weekend

What are you most likely to be featured for in the local newspaper?

Dancing non-stop while raising a record amount for Otterthon
Being the youngest person elected for City Council
Winning every intramural championship at Otterbein
Winning a national poetry contest

You find yourself babysitting your neighbors’ child. Do you:

Acting out a scene from Hamlet. If they can crawl, they can perform!
Challenge them to a game of one-on-one and refuse to go easy on them. Beating a 5-year-old 10-nothing builds character!
Even though their only words are ‘‘mama’’ and ‘‘dada’’ you spend two hours analyzing the Founding Fathers’ leadership styles.
Take them to a protest march – who says you can’t go on marches before you can walk?

What phrase are you most likely to say?

That cliff doesn’t look that high; I can probably jump off it.
Sorry I can’t; I have to save the bees today.
I’m right on track to be president by the age of 35.
Break a leg!
Adrenaline junkie
Adrenaline junkie
Whether you are looking for a club that will get your competitive juices going, or just somewhere to make friends and play some games, the right club is somewhere here for you.
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Golden Heart
Golden Heart
The campus at Otterbein is full of people who want to put others before themselves. These clubs are filled with the best of those people.

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Whether you are a natural leader or not, these groups will help develop your leadership skills and give you the confidence to lead in the classroom and the real world!
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It doesn’t matter if you are a dancer, poet, actor or all of the above, we have a club for you! If you haven’t found your creative sparkle yet, we bet these clubs will help to inspire you.

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  • Ultimate Frisbee
    This Ultimate Frisbee Club, Otterfrizz, provides a casual atmosphere to connect with other frisbee lovers while learning how to play through drills, games and scrimmages. please contact the Center for Student Involvement at CSI@otterbein.edu. for more information.
  • Cardinal Dance Team
    Cardinal Dance Team performs at basketball games and some community events. The team is open to all students by audition only. Contact Susie Crum for more information.
  • Cheerleading
    The football and basketball cheerleading programs are profiled on the Athletics Website. Contact Liz Rosetti for more information.
  • Otterbein Equestrian Teams
    The Otterbein University Equestrian Teams have something valuable to offer horse people of all experience levels. These opportunities are open to all, even those who choose not to ride and/or compete. Those who choose not to ride are invited and encouraged to participate in all team functions such as social gatherings, campouts, picnics, horse shows, and invitations.
  • Gamers Guild
    Gamer’s Guild provides a fun and welcoming environment for gamers of all interests and skill levels to play.
  • Otter Pong
    The purpose of Otter Pong is to bring healthy competition to the sport of ping-pong among those who choose to participate in the club.
  • Intramural Sports
    Do you want to lead your team to the recreation championship title? Or do you just want to sweat off yesterday’s late-night pizza? We’ve got the equipment, fitness classes and recreation sports to keep you healthy, fit and active.
  • Fitness and Recreation classes
    Learn more about options for having fun and keeping fit on campus on the Fitness and Recreation site.
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< Golden Heart
  • Promise House
    The Promise House is a student-led community resource center and food pantry for Otterbein students that builds community to break down socioeconomic barriers to student success.
  • Cardinal Corps
    CardinalCorps Leaders (CCL) are an enthusiastic, driven and determined group of students who want to serve the Westerville and Otterbein communities, excel in academic scholarship and serve as leaders on campus. Students from all class years meet up weekly to plan service programs to better the community.
  • Global Medical Brigades Club
    Otterbein University is a chapter of Global Medical Brigades, an international movement of students and medical professionals working alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems.
  • Special Olympics Club
    Otterbein Special Olympics Club raises awareness and acceptance for individuals with special needs within the Otterbein community, as well as involved Otterbein students in the lives of local children and peers with special needs. For questions about this organization, contact Hannah Lawrentz, student liaison.
  • Otterthon
    OtterThon’s Dance Marathon is a celebration of a year-long fundraising effort to honor the patients and families treated at the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital. By promoting awareness and raising funds, OtterThon gives the community an opportunity to unite and make miracles happen.
  • Habitat For Humanity
    The campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity International enables and encourages students to combat poverty housing issues. The three main functions of the organization include building, fundraising, and educating the community.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha
    This fraternity was established with the goal of maintaining close association and unified support for African American men. Alpha Phi Alpha’s principles include good character, sound scholarship, fellowship and the uplifting of humanity.
  • Active Minds at Otterbein
    Active Minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students.
  • Kneading Minds
    Kneading Minds is a student-run service program associated with Otterbein University’s Honors Program, since it began as a student’s Honors project. The primary objective is to work to help alleviate food insecurity in the Westerville area by baking and selling fresh bread to students and faculty on Otterbein’s campus. The money raised by this endeavor is donated to Westerville Area Resource Ministry, a local food pantry and family outreach center. Contact for more information.
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  • African American Student Union
    The African American Student Union (AASU) was established in 1987 to promote unity and cooperation among African American students and all students with similar interests and/or backgrounds. Membership is open to any Otterbein student who supports and respects the heritage, legacies and cultural traditions of African American people. Contact for more information.
  • Heritage of Latino Americans
    Heritage of Latino Americans (HOLA) promotes a sense of community and pride among Latino American students at Otterbein. The organization promotes friendship and cooperation among all students and fosters encouragement, academic excellence and cultural appreciation of Latino American students. Contact for more information.
  • FreeZone!
    Originally founded in 1992, FreeZone! serves gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students and their allies. FreeZone! provides support, education, and networking opportunities within the context of regular meetings, social gatherings, activist efforts, and various special events. Contact for more information.
  • Sisters United
    Sisters United was established in 2000 as an organization dedicated to the political, cultural and social advancement of women of color at Otterbein University. These goals are fostered by activities and workshops designed to build awareness and friendship among women. The programs are designed to meet the needs and concerns of women of color; however, all students are welcome to attend. The members of Sisters United seek to create innovative, interesting and intellectually stimulating programming throughout the year. Contact for more information.
  • Otterbein Christian Fellowship
    Otterbein Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a fusion of God and friends. This non-denominational Christian organization meets every Thursday. Members hang out after OCF meetings on Thursdays and on the weekends. Multiple Bible study groups meet throughout the week and there are other opportunities for you to get connected, grow in your faith or just learn more about your spiritual life. Everyone is welcome!
    Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a pre-professional organization designed for students who are interested in learning more about the field of public relations. Students from all majors are welcome to join. The organization features speakers from a variety of public relations settings, mentorships with professionals, attendance at local, regional and national conferences and internship experiences. The Otterbein chapter is affiliated with the Central Ohio (professional) PRSA Chapter. Contact for more information.
  • Student Government
    A cornerstone of our shared governance is an equal representation ratio of faculty to students. In this governance model, all Otterbein students are members of the Student Assembly. The Student Assembly is represented by the Otterbein University Student Government.
  • Resident Student Association
    To promote involvement in the halls, two forms of hall governance are available to students including the Resident Student Association (RSA) and Hall Councils. The Office of Residence Life sponsors a variety of educational and social events for residents every year. A weekly newsletter is published and delivered to all residence hall students, promoting involvement and awareness of campus issues and events.
  • Sport Management Club
    The Sport Management Club is open to any Otterbein undergraduate student who is interested in the sport and/or recreation business. The organization is totally student-run, under the supervision of sport management faculty advisors. The objectives of the SMGT Club are to provide professional development and networking opportunities within the sport industry, recruit incoming students, and further the knowledge of the sport management profession. For more information about the Sports Management club, please contact Dr. Teri Walter.
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  • 11th Hour Theatre Company
    11th Hour Theatre Company is for students to be able to create art with skills learned in the classroom. A group like this, designed specifically for educational purposes, will help bolster the wide array of opportunities available to Otterbein students and allow students hands-on experience with outside projects, scripted and new, that many desire when not working on mainstage productions. Contact for more information.
  • Cap and Dagger
    The purpose of Cap and Dagger is to foster the dramatic arts on the campus of Otterbein University and to advance the interests of students involved in productions of and the activities surrounding the Otterbein University Theatre program. Contact for more information.
  • Mainstage Improv Troupe
    Mainstage Improv is a student-run comedy troupe whose mission is to entertain students throughout the semester in a fun, free, and friendly atmosphere. The organization holds auditions for membership at various times throughout the academic year.
  • Ottertuned
    Ottertuned is a student-run pop a cappella group that is open for all Otterbein students to participate in. Information about auditions is shared with the Otterbein community regularly. Contact for more information.
  • Marching Band
    The Cardinal Marching Band is one of the most visible and active student groups on campus, populated by members from almost every discipline and major area of study offered at Otterbein. The Cardinal Band has a century-long history of performance, and plays a crucial role in supporting our athletic teams and enhancing the collegiate experience.
  • Otterbein Choirs
    The Otterbein Choirs offer something for everyone. With six vocal ensembles, choir members perform a variety of repertoire, from Maroon 5 to Mozart. Students of all majors sing in the choirs, and all vocal ensembles are of the highest quality. There are music award opportunities for singers from every major on campus.
  • WOBN
    WOBN 97.5FM The Wildcard is Otterbein University’s own college radio station. Playing alternative rock, pop, country and everything in between, there’s sure to be something you’ll love.
  • Starving Artists
    This organization promotes the appreciation and education of art throughout the Otterbein community as well as to promote and develop the artwork of Otterbein art students. To fulfill their mission, Starving Artists offers an open membership to any person at Otterbein who is interested in promoting and developing on and off campus, and community outreach programs with area schools. Contact for more information.
  • Tan & Cardinal Media
    T&C Media is a student-run media organization that primarily covers campus news and events, while also reporting on areas of interest to the Otterbein and Westerville communities.
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