Benefits of Graduate School

Posted Jan 31, 2023

Graduate Education—What’s the “pay off?” 

Many working adults strive for advancement within their current profession, while others hope to shift to a new profession. As they consider whether to enroll in a graduate program they want to know, “How does graduate school pay off for me? Will it pay off for me?” A Jan. 12, 2023, US News & World Report article notes that Graduate School does pay off in at least three ways: financially, professionally, and personally. For more details, take a few minutes to read Cole Claybourn’s Three Ways Graduate School Pays Off. This article will likely confirm decisions of those currently enrolled in Otterbein’s Graduate School and motivate others to contact one of our graduate recruiters or graduate directors to take the next step toward graduate education. 

Comings & Goings.  

2023 brings new faces and transition to the Graduate School at Otterbein. We are pleased to welcome Ashley Dill, graduate counselor and graduate nursing recruiter, and Brett Jones, graduate counselor and graduate recruiter for our Health and Sports Sciences and Education programs. In addition, Health and Sports Sciences Associate Professor Robert Braun has agreed to serve as program director for the Master of Science in Allied Health (MSAH) program beginning January 2023. Braun, who has been at Otterbein since August 2011, brings his expertise in and passion for health equity and health education to the MSAH program.  

Braun’s transition to MSAH graduate director came as a long-time faculty member and MSAH Graduate Director Paul Longenecker retired in December. Numerous faculty, staff, students, and alumni came to wish him well and thank him for his contributions at a retirement party on Dec. 13. We will miss Paul and wish him well in his retirement. Terry Magas, executive assistant for the Graduate School, also announced that she would retire as of Jan. 3, 2023. Many were sad and surprised to hear of Terry’s plans. Some asked, “Who can take her place?” The answer to that question is none other than Terry Magas herself. She has agreed to stay on part-time for the spring semester as decisions are made regarding the Graduate School executive assistant role. We will miss her, but not just yet. Finally, the graduate programs said goodbye to Jarrod Harchalk, long-time senior assistant director of graduate admission and MBA alumnus, who has accepted a position outside of higher education. We are excited to welcome those who have taken on new roles and grateful for the dedication and contributions of those who have moved to their next phase. 

Wishing you a great Spring 2023 semester, 

Bridget M. Newell, Ph.D. 

Interim Associate Provost for Graduate Studies