Student Involvement Key to an Otterbein Education

Posted Aug 24, 2021

Otterbein University is not a school where you sit on the sidelines. With over 100 different ways to get involved, there’s something for every Cardinal! 

“We define getting involved as anything outside of the classroom. That includes not only student organizations, but also recreational sports, teaching assistantships, research, and volunteering,” said Ashley Secord, assistant director of the Center for Student Involvement. “There are so many ways students can enhance their learning experiences at Otterbein.” 

Student organizations encompass areas such as academic and professional growth, community service, creative and performing arts, culture and diversity, as well as a vibrant and inclusive Greek life community. 

“Being part of these groups and organizations help students connect with not only their fellow classmates, but also the larger campus community. All of them enhance classroom learning and create a more well-rounded and engaged education employers and graduate schools look for,” said Secord. 

Every year during the first week of fall semester, the Student Involvement Fair is held to introduce new students to all the different opportunities that exist on campus. This year is no exception. Even with the concerns over the pandemic, students are ready to be part of something bigger than themselves, safely of course. 

The Student Involvement Fair will take place from 3:30-6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 27, in the Campus Center. Over 75 campus groups, including support services, student groups, and campus partners, will be in attendance helping students discover where their passions lye. 

“It’s all about connections to campus, each other, and Westerville,” said Secord. “The Otterbein community wants students to find their place in the world and help make positive change. You just don’t find that very often.” 

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