Business Analytics Certificate

Taught by Otterbein faculty and Fortune 500 business experts, the Business Analytics certificate is designed around individual Capstone projects, which address the relevant issues for each professional, to allow students to put principles into practice immediately. In four modules, professionals will practice business analytics from start to finish — framing the question, understanding the data, extracting and manipulating the data to reveal meaningful insights, and telling the right story to the right audience to achieve desired business outcomes.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use big data to frame the question
  • Understand and simplify complex data sets
  • Extract and manipulate data to reveal meaningful insights with supporting visualizations
  • Tell the right story to the right audience to achieve desired business outcomes

How it works

Course length
12 weeks

Time Commitment
3-5 hours per week

Lecture, Workshop, Application, Discussion

Course Instructors

Aric Nicholson

Who Should Enroll

  • Businesses interested in providing training to analysts
  • Nonprofits interested in training analysts
  • Individuals/teams who need to improve storytelling and data visualization
  • Managers and executives of research teams or data analysts

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Our instructors offer decades of Fortune 500 coaching and consulting experience.

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