Non Routine Leadership™ Certificate

For centuries, the role of leaders has been to guide and direct their teams and organizations in order to pursue growth. But what happens when routine and stable conditions are no longer routine or stable? What happens to the management style that was so dependent on consistent routines to deliver profits? According to Gartner Research, that day has come. Not only is non routine work surging, it’s rising at its fastest pace in history. By 2022, as many as 1 in 5 people will be spending a majority of their day in non-routine problem-solving work. This is evident as many workers adopt a career-fluid mindset, with increasing expectations to re-skill, up-skill, and polyskill at unprecedented speeds. It’s no wonder that Amazon recently announced their Up-skilling 2025 initiative investing $700M in retraining 110,000 employees. They’re not alone. Merck, Verizon, Google, and others have recently discussed changes to hiring approaches to emphasize mental agility and the capacity for learning over skills and experience.

Make no mistake, experience and expertise is still desired. However, it is the non-routine cognitive skills such as judgement, adaptiveness, creativity, communication, and strategic thinking that are surging in demand. This course answers the most important question: “How will you overcome today’s non routine world, and lead?”

What You’ll Learn

  • Impact of Non Routine work: Understand how speed and complexity impact teams and organizations, and how successful leadership and management is changing in today’s non routine world.
  • See Through Complexity: The ability to understand complex problems, while improving the non routine skills of judgement and adaptiveness.
  • Think Like an Expert: The ability to use expert frameworks to learn rapidly, while improving the non routine skills of creativity and strategic thinking.
  • Equip for Future Success: The ability to communicate expertise and future flexibility, while improving the non routine skills of communication.

How it works

Course length
12 weeks

Time Commitment
3-5 hours per week

Lecture, Workshop, Application, Discussion

Course Instructors

Jeff Dickson

Alla Reese

Who Should Enroll

  • Aspiring leaders who want to leapfrog traditional leadership tracks
  • Leaders who want to improve their non routine cognitive skills: judgement, adaptiveness, creativity, communication, and strategic thinking
  • Professionals interested in improving their mental agility or ability to learn quickly

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