Strategic Brand Management Certificate

It’s no wonder that brand value has added trillions of dollars in value to the top 100 brands alone. But, this is only for those leaders who understand that managing brands means managing today’s non routine landscape.

Our Brand Management course uniquely delivers both deep expertise and broad skills. On the one hand, our instructors leverage their Fortune 500 experience to give you an expert grasp of all four components of brand management (Brand Image, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, and Growing the Brand). On the other hand, all of our professional development instructors are trained as Non Routine Leaders, equipping you with today’s most in-demand cognitive skills for the non routine: judgement, adaptiveness, creativity, communication, and strategic thinking. With deep brand management capabilities powered by Non Routine Leadership™, you can expect to excel and lead confidently as a brand manager.

What You’ll Learn

  • Frame the question: A cutting-edge discipline for strengthening non routine skills
  • Understand the data: Understand brand image as the key psychological deliverable for a company’s branding activities
  • Extract meaningful insights: Understand brand strategy in creating value and the essentials of value propositions and value exchange
  • Tell the right story: Understand fundamentals of brand design including evaluating and designing brands using a systematic framework

How it works

Course length
12 weeks

Time Commitment
3-5 hours per week

Lecture, Workshop, Application, Discussion

Course Instructors

Jeff Dickson

Aric Nicholson

Who Should Enroll

  • Marketing managers and executives
  • Designers
  • Project and product managers
  • Anyone responsible for producing or executing a marketing plan
  • Non-marketing professionals looking to re-skill, up-skill, or poly-skill in marketing strategy

In-Demand Expertise, Fast

Business Analytics, Brand Management, and Non Routine Leadership™

Powered by Non Routine Leadership™

A cutting-edge discipline for rapidly acquiring deep expertise and broad non routine skills

Fortune 500 Instructors

Our instructors offer decades of Fortune 500 coaching and consulting experience.

Time & Location Flexibility

Our courses are flexible to meet your schedule and location needs.

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